3d printing Challenge 2

Today, You Can Make A Difference #GivingTuesday

WANTED: Your belief in the importance of the manufacturing industry, your understanding that there are a huge numbers of unfilled jobs (around 20,000) right here in Ohio and your help in fixing this critical problem. As you probably know, today is #GivingTuesday, a day set aside for all of us to support great organizations that are making a difference, organizations...
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And for that I am thankful…

Thanksgiving is this week and, while we all have a lot to be thankful for, most conversations will be centered around family, food, football and for some people Black Friday. While I’m thankful for all those things and many more, I’m also very thankful for one other thing… being part of the greatest country on Earth!  Some take this for...
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How to be a Hero

Have you ever wanted to be a hero?  Well now’s your chance. Just imagine opening up a young person’s mind to the endless possibilities that this world has. Imagine showing them how to produce something from nothing, and imagine them flying through the air in their own plane! You can do all of that in one place at one time...
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New STEM Competition to Test 3D Design/Print Skills

Middle School & High School kids – You get to 3D-design a wind turbine blade, 3D-print it, test it in the wind tunnel and SCORE – it’s FREE! Take the challenge by yourself, with a friend or as part of a team from your school. There is no homework or preparation, just come to the Wright State University Nutter Center McLin...
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Be the Change (Don’t be like Bob)

Do you ever run into people who won’t put their money where their mouth is? I met one the other day, his name is Bob (not his real name) and he kept telling me that “someone should do something”… but I digress, let’s cover the original content for this article and we’ll get back to him in a minute. I hear...
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